Saturday, 8 June 2013

Traprain Hill Race (Spectate)

I went out an 8 miler round Arthur's Seat in the morning and felt the best I have out running in quite some time. I was going to do 10 but was cutting it a bit fine to give Peter a lift to the race so missed a bit. I'd be delighted with my run but a few extra heart beats from time to time this evening make me cautious....
At the start of the race, long tall George Armstrong was sitting on the grass so we exchanged heart tales for a while. He seemed to be in good fettle. We chatted about how runners just get obsessed and they don't know when to stop...

Willie Jarvie was along spectating too, taking time out to heal a sore foot, so we went a wander along the river to take photos of the runners. We found a nice spot just where the runners cross the river on their way out and waited for their return.

One runner appeared to be waving his arms at me and I shouted to him (thinking he was joking) "No mucking about now, this is a serious business" or something like that. When he got closer I realised  that he wasn't deliberately waving his arms about at all and he looked very pale and unsteady - but then he slowed down to a walk. I felt worried about him but he was still on his feet as he went round the next bend so I forgot about it and got back to the business of taking photos. After most of the runners had gone through Willie and I set off back along the route and when we got under the trees came across the same guy lying on the path with a Carnethy runner beside him. He was conscious but feeling really sick and very hot. Willie and I stayed with him so the Carnethy runner could get back. We knew help was on the way. He turned out to be Andy, a Harmeny runner. If we got his story right it was only his 2nd race and looking back over the photos he was right behind Peter at the beginning and Peter says he was still there at the top of the hill. An impressive effort for a 2nd race! I told him there were some people that could dig deep enough to really hurt themselves and I thought he was one of them. He smiled weakly at me.

After a while Keith? from Carnethy came back with a first aid guy so we said goodbye. Andy had asked me to let his dad know what had happened. He would have a golden lab and be next to the artic lorry. I tried to see someone like that - but the lorry was away when we got there and there was a man with a golden retriever. I tried him - rather desperate thinking now I look back on it - but he was not Andy's dad. I would really like to hear that he's alright. If you're out there and you know Andy leave me a comment and tell me he's fine!

Back at the park and East Linton Gala day was in full swing. I had almost forgotten that I had Neil Jones's car key and all Peter's money on me! Anne Hay had kindly bought Peter an ice-cream so he was okay.

Prize-giving came around and Stewart Whitlie, who was first 50 was also 1st over all, so Peter sneaked the 1st V50 prize and Anne Hay was first LV50. And to think 50 used to be old. It isn't anymore.

And so the glorious days of sunshine continue. It's like a whole other country isn't it? Great fun talking running all day.

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